Bridal Makeup Artist Career Guide
Ready to give your Bridal Business a much needed boost?

In this self paced video blueprint I cover everything you need to know to accelerate your Bridal Business online in 30 days:

  • Why You should target Brides in 2021

  • Attracting Tools: How to attract high paying bridal clients

  • Prospecting Tools: Learn the difference between your client and when to say NO

    • Client Survey*

  • Career Connections & Conversations:

    • Top Referrals that keep you working

    • Testimonials Fast

    •  Success Scripts* :I share my confident conversation transcripts that lead to referrals, clients, and jobs.

  • Pricing & Packaging- Learn to set your prices and maximize the total rate/sale

    • Charge Like You're in Charge*

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Course value: $325 

Limited offer: $57