What's In Your Kit?

Every 5 seconds , there is another beauty product that appears and like the 300 other palettes and highlighters sent by God, WE HAVE TO HAVE IT! Our family and friends think we have a problem. They’re probably right that we are absolutely obsessed but beauty is what we love and DO!!!

When I first started out I loved to buy all the new trendy cosmetics, roller cases, brush belts and anything else that was a symbol to let the world know that I was a real Makeup Artist. Last year I helped a friend out with a fashion show and there were probably about 30 makeup and hairstylists to get all the models ready. There was one artist in particular that had EVERYTHING that a “PRO” should have. She had the big ring light, the makeup chair, the special roller bag, fancy plastic bags, brush holders, brushes and ALL THE THINGS! I went back to working on my model. But Baaaaby, let me tell you, when I turned back around to see the finished product I was blown away and not because it looked good. It was bad. REALLLL bad. Even the model had to say I can’t go out like this. Sad to say having all the things does NOT make you a professional artist or even a good one!

We all have to start somewhere and the goal is to get better as we go along. Everything that you use on your face or see in a fun package might not work on others. There are many things that I absolutely love to play with but don’t make it into my Professional Kit. Especially, if I am working with premium paying clients, they definitely DO Not want to see Wet & Wild eyeshadow (regardless of how much color pigmentation it has.

What makes a product worthy of going into a Professional Kit? These are the questions I ask myself:

Can it last all day? How does it make the skin look? Does the color or texture change over time (Oxidation)? How do they look under photography/natural lighting? Ring lights are not the only type of lighting just like cell phones are not the only type of cameras (lol). I could go on and on but that’s for a makeup lesson.

Maybe you’re just starting out and can’t afford all the bells and whistles anyway.

So here are my recommendations for what you should absolutely invest the most in: Skincare, foundation, brushes. Everything else is secondary and varies depending on the objective of the look.Take your time to build a quality makeup kit and don't worry about having a certain number of products. It doesn't make you any better of an artist or pay you!

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